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Simple. Smart. Home.

Design and installation of technology to bring your home to life.

Home automation company in Shorewood, MN

Our process

Consultation and Pricing

Your needs are assessed and options are created. You receive expert recommendations and  a customized smart home solution designed just for you. You will receive a project proposal with clear, upfront pricing tailored to your project scope and budget. No complicated or confusing pricing structures. 


Your smart home and AV systems are brought to life by our skilled technicians with precise and efficient installation. We expertly integrate all components, ensuring seamless communication and optimal performance. Step into a home that's intelligently designed and effortlessly connected, making your life easier and more enjoyable

Post-sales support

Our team is always one step ahead, proactively addressing any concerns or issues that may arise. You get quick and efficient resolution of any technical issues to ensure your smart home system operates smoothly. Enjoy ongoing peace of mind as we ensure your smart home remains optimized, reliable, and frustration-free.

About us

Signal AV is here to elevate your smart home experience.


Our deep background in technology consulting brings simplicity to the complexities of home automation.


Tailored solutions are designed to perfectly match your unique requirements, ensuring a seamless journey towards a truly smart and connected home.


Count on our unwavering dedication to exceptional customer service as we guide you through every step of the process.


Meet with an Expert.

We'll follow up with you in 1-2 business days to learn about your needs for a home automation solution.

We will assess your needs and determine if we can. Then we will create a custom technology plan for your home.

*After completing the form, we will reach out to you promptly

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