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Stop hanging Christmas lights

Embrace the magic of the holidays with zero hassle – Expertly installed permanent architectural lights customized for your home.

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Holiday Cheer, Customized Just for You

Your home is unique, and your architectural lights should be too. With Signal AV, you get a personalized lighting design that matches your home's structure and your style. Our expert consultation ensures that your permanent light installation reflects your vision while enhancing your home's aesthetic. 


Custom-Fitted Gemstone Lights Track System

Experience the perfect fit with our Gemstone Lights Track System, custom-tailored to your home's shape and color. With our capacity to match any roofline and over 150 soffit and fascia colors, we deliver seamless and attractive lighting solutions.

Fast and Efficient Installation Process

Installation time can vary, but we're committed to delivering a quick and efficient service. The majority of our installations are completed in just one day without compromising quality. 


Our expert method involves attaching the track securely to the soffit, ensuring a clean, professional finish with color-matched screws.

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Intuitive Control with the Gemstone HUB App

Unleash the full potential of your lighting with the Gemstone HUB App, offering features such as multiple timers, fully customizable colors, and zone setup. This comprehensive tool provides effortless management and fine-tuned control of your home or business lighting system.


Learn about the Nantel family's experience with the Gemstone Lights System.

Meet with an Expert.

We'll follow up with you in 1-2 business days to learn about your needs for a home automation solution.

We will assess your needs and determine if we can. Then we will create a custom technology plan for your home.

*After completing the form, we will reach out to you promptly

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