Residential Audio Video San Antonio Texas

Every room in our homes can benefit from the inclusion of technology, especially Audio Visual technology. Innovative designs and seamless installation methods have allowed electronic components to perfectly integrate into a multitude of home environments. Signal Audio Visual will help you with design ideas from speaker placement, audio equipment and video options. We offer TV’s, Projectors, Screens, Audiovisual Furniture, TV Mounts, all types of cabling and High End Audiovisual Equipment in our store in San Antonio TX. 


Home Theater Installation San Antonio TX

We offer soundproofing options and will work with your Builder to make your home theater room as quiet as possible. We use the best cabling and will wire all your equipment in a concealed closet in a rack or entertainment center. If you already have your own equipment Signal Audio Visual will work with you in making your equipment perform the way manufacture intended to sound and look. We have the most experience in the industry and the very best at what we do.

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Here at Signal AV we will sit down with you and discuss your Home Theater project from start to finish. We will take care of you just like family. Service and Quality are our most important traits and many “Angie’s List” members agree we are the best AV Company in the South Texas area. Look us up and see for yourself we’re not kidding. -Mark

Kitchen and Dining Audio Insallation San Antonio Texas

Control your home's Audio, Visual, Lighting, Security and Comfort all from your Family's favorite spot... the Kitchen. Kitchen's have become the primary gathering place amongst families and friends. We also spend much of our time in our Kitchen and Dining areas as many of today's homes have been designed with an open concept philosophy. It's only fitting that we customize our environment to achieve the best possible audiovisual experience to create new memories with.

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Large Flat Panel 4K UHD displays have become the focal point of our family rooms, but that doesn't mean it has to overpower or dominate the room's aesthetic. Family Rooms are areas we feel comfortable in just sitting, watching, listening or actively using technology. The addition of Audio Visual components to a family room can have many benefits.

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The Bedroom has quickly become a place to get intimate with your love for Audiovisual technology. From simple sound bars to swanky sets of receding and retracting components, your bedroom can produce a sound like no other! Often smaller in size than  larger media rooms, a master bedroom can provide an ideal environment to better appreciate the audio and visual quality of your system.

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Bathroom Sound & TV Installation

As we continue to spend more and more time in our bathrooms, it's only natural that we bring more of what we love into them. Audiovisual technology has found a place in our homes more sacred than our bedrooms and home theaters, our bathrooms. Many consumers continue to think of the limitations one can encounter in a space like a bathroom, we just can't seem to find any. Ask a Signal AV professional about an Audiovisual makeover for your bath today.

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Patio & Outdoor Music Systems

Love your Audiovisuals but have a passion for the patio? Never fear. Companies like BlueSound are making it easier to enjoy HiFi over WiFi. It's never been a better time to bring the sound you love from indoors, outdoors. Ask a Signal AV professional today about making your outdoor experience a better one!

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