The love of electronics and its capabilities was something I wanted to pursue and make a career out of. This passion about how this technology worked from the visual and audio standpoint has made me and my crew experts in every way. Once I came to know each component of the business on every level, I wanted to determine how to make my customer’s sound system the best of the best without breaking their bank.

As a nine year old boy I built my first speaker tube enclosure and enlisted it in a Science Fair.  I received a blue ribbon for creativity.  During that time, RadioShack had the Crutchfield magazine that arrived by mail, along with my Parts Express Magazine subscription that I would ensure to stop by and pick up as soon as they came in. Slowly but surely, I knew one day this passion would turn into a reality for me. The experimenting continued – I would take home speakers to emphasize a deeper bass response by corner loading the enclosures of them, and I would also love to solder capacitors and resistors to circuit boards. My father at the time purchased a boom box with a cassette deck, and I took it apart because of the way it sounded. Seeing what made it tick was fascinating. Of course my mother was upset about what looked like a broken boom box that was just purchased on her kitchen table, however, I decided it needed some sound absorption material behind the speakers and I put it back together. When I put the tape in and turned it on, low and behold it sounded much better. My mom and dad were proud, and said: “son, you have found your calling”.

A few years later when I was 16 I remember hearing the cars that drove by with a loud sound system that rattled my windows. A part of me wished I could change what people’s perception was on how music should sound. I personally at that time, while playing Vanilla Ice and MC Hammer, used clear and balanced sound by using more power and less volume.  This is when I decided to borrow money from my grandfather and father to sell car audio. I called it M&M Audiophilze. I was successful selling to my friends in Del Rio and Eagle Pass, Texas.

However, I decided to move to San Antonio, Texas to stay, and became an electrician for five years, and also worked with some alarm companies. Then, I came across a company called Audio Visions and started working with them for about a year helping the company grow with my vast skills in Audio and Video.


Experience, Passion and Personal Attention To Detail with Each and Every Project.


Finally, I decided to work on my own and start my own company Signal Audio Visual. I wanted to give customers the very best service, and really go out of my way to truly bring back the real customer service that I believe is just about nonexistent today. These “flashy have it all” Big Box Stores” and “Installation Call Centers” claim to have thousands of contractors nationwide, but really don’t know any of them personally or care to for that matter. Sure there are a lot of companies out there that have certifications in “CEDIA” and others that sat through some classes all day and got a paper certificate, but at the end of the day that really doesn’t matter. What matters is someone who has passion and hands on experience in this trade for longer than most of these companies have been put together. By our testimonials we have received from real customers and being a 5 star rated company all across the board, I believe that we are also certified for customer service in “quality”, with expert knowledgeable in our field. We really care about what our customers think and want and try to give them that experience.

So I will promise you this – I will give you the best service and offer you great products that I have tested in the field and will back them up at 100%. We are insured and have no doubt that we can give you the best of the best service compared to any other audio technical company out there.

Be a part of our family and we will take care of you!

Mark A. Slubar – Founder of Signal Audio Visual.